Outdoor Water Recreation Favorites in Yakima, Washington

The mission of the church’s Sport and Recreation Ministry is to glorify God through sports and recreational activities. And in an endeavor to provide children with such opportunities, we are going to organize water recreation activities in the coming week.

water recreation activitiesThe activities would include motor-boating, fishing, kayaking, paddling, floating and rafting. There is a hiking trail too, and we can arrange bird watching or wildlife viewing, if interested.

About the trip

While the dates haven’t been decided yet, it would be a 3-day affair. We would be motor-boating, fishing and floatingYakima River kayaking in the Rimrock Lake; and rafting, kayaking, and paddling on the Tieton River. Moreover, it would be fun getting some afternoon sun at the Yakima Greenway – 10 miles of paved pathway along the Yakima River.

The Rimrock Lake is an artificial lake along the course of the Tieton River and is used as a storage reservoir for irrigation. The Tieton River is the fastest-moving, fastest-dropping river in Washington! When water gets released from the Tieton Dam, built on the Rimrock Lake, it creates an incredible opportunity for rafting.

The greens around the lake are going to be our picnic spots during the day, and the banks of the river are ideal for setting up our camps for the night’s rest. We can whisk away the adventure exhaustion with the singing, campfires and yes, fresh food.

The gears

kayak gearsThe water adventure clubs around the valley are known to provide reliable, high-quality gear and the best kayak brands available. We won’t have to worry carrying those for the trip. We can travel light with only the clothes and daily essentials.

You can bring your camera though. Do remember there would be lots of water around.

Precautions to be taken

Even though the temperature is warm, water would be cold. You should wear woolen clothes while in water to prevent you from cold water shock, in case something wrong happens.

Keep close to adults. You should not go anywhere without informing. Cell phone coverage is limited, thus communicating would be difficult. Also, the weather can change at any moment. You need to have your life jackets on while on the adventure. If you wear your life jacket, you are more likely to survive if something goes wrong.

Be aware of snakes.

As the cell phone coverage is limited in the valley, leave your gadgets at home. All you need is to take a break from technology for a while and enjoy the scenic view.

Need of volunteers

The group would be of around 30 children, and we need 3-4 volunteers (male or female) to keep an eye on them. Each one of you would be responsible for few of the kids, their safety. You must know swimming.

Feel free to contact any of our support staff or give us a call within two days. The numbers are available on the website. We need to set up a meeting to discuss the details and fix up a date for the excursion.

As soon as we decide the dates, we would put up the registration information on the website.