How the Presbyterian Church has Embraced Technology

Technologies develop every day. Along with them, the entire world grows. Nothing in our universe can stand still because that’s the way we evolve and become better.

Although, there are some places, where technologies are less welcome. Places like church often prefer the development individually from the Internet and mass media.

It is because these are often used to impose the views and thoughts of people. Because of that, we should not judge but respect the parishioners that renounce the use of technologies.

Presbyterian Church

Nevertheless, the Presbyterian Church does not reject but uses and promotes them, as one of the modern Protestant Christian denominations.

Pastors can’t deny the importance of devices and apps, the usage of which can help churches a lot. Technologies may make the service much easier.

People with no possibility to join the congregation can become its part with the help of video conferences. They may also be used by pastors to preach if they are away. These methods are often practiced by the members of the Presbyterian Church.

Numerous devices, such as iPhones or iPads may serve as a way to create a unique community in a church. Facebook and Twitter give opportunities to all members of the flock to speak with the pastor at any time.

Presbyterian Church has Embraced TechnologyThe Presbyterian Church also inspires its parishioners to tweet any thoughts or questions during the service. If anyone is shy or afraid of asking, he or she can use the social media to get the answer. In addition to this, it is impossible not to mention the younger generations that are not as experienced as the adults are. As the service goes on, they feel more comfortable if use an eBook instead of a paper book.

Furthermore, social media is where younglings can shine. They can spend hours chatting and interacting with each other. To my mind, they are someone grown-ups should take an example from.

Evidently, the Presbyterian Church rejects the thought of removal of services to the Internet, as no social media can replace people’s faces and presence.

It is the tool that can be used, on the contrary, to inspire them to serve God and to visit a church. It is an often practice among pastors to chat or speak with parishioners individually or in the group via Skype.

It is an easy and free method to get connected with everyone, even outside of the church. Likewise, referring to the researchers, the usage of social media and other apps can raise the number of parishioners and save their time hugely. As a direct result of this, the number of those who relate to the Presbyterian Church is growing daily.

The communication is a thing that provides pastors and their congregations with a connection. They can get known with each other much closer or even become close friends.

Nowadays, these factors can significantly support the spreading of the word of God. Unlike the Presbyterian Church, most of those who refuse the benefits of technologies just can’t put aside their hesitations. It is time to make a step forward to the new century.